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Crystals are natural formations within earth created from molecular and tempature changes. They derive from the natural world and can serve as a link between yourself and Earth to remind you of your natural origins. It has become an increasingly popular method of alternative healing, but the use of crystals lies within ancient rituals in our ancestreal lineage.  Many form into different shapes and sizes, but they all harness the essence of the earth, moon, sun, water, air and sometimes fire. They each hold their own frequency and pitch just as we do, but can be personalized through your own desired outcome when working  with a particular crystal.  As always you have the real power, crystals are only a tool to help you realize your true divinity.

Image by Dan Farrell

Pocket Worry Crystals

Small, tumbled crystals to keep close and help relieve anxiety.

Raw Crystals

Check out our variety of raw, natural crystals to incorporate in your daily life. 

Image by Aleksandr Buynitskiy
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