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Image by Brittany Colette

Who are we?

Welcome to Lucid Dreamer Studios where we believe you are the architect of your world. Our belief is focused on the power of  mental and emotional well being as the foundation of what we experience in our daily lives. Your energetic and mental clarity are the most important to us and part of why we create. We are a studio designed as a medium between creativity and connection to the world. Every person is a creator who holds infinte power once realized.  Our mission is to inspire and remind others of this innate creative ability and self love expression through our unique handmade crafts and art work.  Whether you are looking for a personal touch to your space or a gift to someone special, feel free to explore our products to find what feels activating within.

We are all energetic and creative beings. As empathic and sensitive people, navigating this world can be a harsh place to thrive where a sense of belonging can feel out of reach. We believe art and creative outlets are a powerful way to ground your energy and express your true essence.

We specialize in creating unique, handmade dreamcatchers woven with care and pure intentions. Each of our artistic expressions are infused with healing energy and catered to help you in a certian area of your life.  It is our hope they bring a higher frequency to help create not only a vibrant home, but serve as a reminder of your own importance and energetic happiness.  

It is our wish that we all awaken to our inner knowing and truly express our selves in a highly vibrational state. 

At Lucid Dreamer Studios we view you as an important piece of this creative process and inspiration. Much like a dreamcatcher, we are connected together into a web of unity with our thoughts, emotions and experiences. We are all Lucid Dreamers realizing our power and creative potentials together. As a lucid dreamer and creator you are remembering what is true and what is illusion. You are worthy, you belong, you are loved.  Reach out and let us know who you are and your experience with our energy and creative products. May you be blessed with abundance, love and happiness always  

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