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Creations for your inner alchemy


Lucid Dreamer Studios is a place where creativity and energetic well being combine. Special care and intention are placed in the creative process that form our products. You can find handcrafted dreamcatchers, candles and more in the studio. Each item is uniquely made for a certain aspect or energy that can assist in expanding your daily clarity and emotional health. We strive to produce with the use of eco- friendly materials and packaging that can serve as a reminder of our natural roots. Many of our dreamcatchers are made using Bamboo ring bases, hemp cord or 100% recycled cotton with an inclusion of natural crystals. Our candles are also crafted using non-toxic fragrances and 100% soy wax. We create with love and hold a personal dream to make products that connect with you and uplift your frequency. 

Dreamcatcher Legend

Dreamcatchers have long been a mystical and sacred craft that have historically represented protection and unity. They are not only decorative hoops with feathers and beads, but a symbol rich with history and meaning within Native American culture. There are different interpretations for their meaning, but the main legend can be traced back to the Ojibwe people associated with Asibaikaashi or otherwise known as “spider woman”. Within Ojibwe culture, spiders were considered important and natural guardians of the home. Asibaikaashi was known as the ultimate protector of all the Ojibwe infants and younger children. As the Ojibwe people spread across the land it became more challenging for Asibaikaashi to protect everyone, so the first dreamcatcher was created.  The Ojibwe women weaved dreamcatchers with special protection intention, willow hoops and feathers to gift as guardianship to the Ojibwe children.

     The weaving resembled the spider web to represent the magical and protective properties of Asibaikaashi and spiders. Much like a spider web catches intruders in its intricate web, so does the dreamcatcher- only with bad dreams or heavy energy in this case. They were to be hung above a baby’s bed to help filter out any harmful dreams in the night. They were designed to trap any bad dreams in the net and release good dreams down into the feather to fall gently upon the sleeping child. Any harmful dreams were dispelled in the sunlight at first morning’s light. The use and creation were accepted by other tribes who adopted the dreamcatcher and continued its tradition. The dreamcatcher is a blessed item respected for its history and power. Symbolically, it is a sign of the matriarch’s protection, blessings, and positive energy to her children.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Handmade Dreamcatchers

Handmade dreamcatchers made with intentions for your energetic needs


Handpoured soy wax candles crafted with care for your healing and happiness.

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Soy wax Candles


Sage Bundles

Check out our selection of Sage Bundles and Palo Santo for their healing benefits.

Image by Studio Kealaula


Explore a selection of crystals to help bring out your highest frequency.

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